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Oct 26, 2022

Even by the spring of 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic had created enough medical and social history in Indiana for Hoosier History Live to explore it in a show. Since then, additional history has unfolded, so we will follow up with another show that will touch on everything from the overwhelming challenges that confronted Indiana hospitals last fall and winter to the resistance to vaccinations.

"Vaccination, especially for children, has turned out to be a hard sell," says Shari Rudavsky, the health and medical reporter for the Indianapolis Star, who has covered the Covid pandemic since the earliest cases were reported in Indiana. Shari, who has a PhD in the history and sociology of science, will return as Nelson's guest to share insights about various aspects of Covid history since our previous show, which was broadcast just as initial vaccinations were being made widely available.

"Even with vaccines, Covid maintains power to be a major societal disruptor," Shari says. She adds: "In the past year, the virus has mutated, getting better at ducking vaccines even if you are vaccinated. But vaccines do greatly decrease one's risk of hospitalization and death."