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Mar 15, 2022

In Seymour, she is known first and foremost for her outdoor mural of John Mellencamp. The eye-catching mural in the rock star's hometown is 35 feet tall and 52 feet wide.

In Greenfield, artist Pamela Bliss has drawn attention for "Tall Tales", a mural that also is 35 feet tall. As a salute to the agricultural heritage of Hancock County, the mural depicts three generations of Hoosiers at a farm fence, with an older man in overalls gesturing as he shares a yarn with two younger listeners.

In downtown Indianapolis, Pamela is known for several outdoor murals. Her most recently completed artwork includes larger-than-life depictions of Reggie Miller, the former Indiana Pacer, and the late Eva Kor, the Holocaust survivor who crusaded for forgiveness during the final years of her life.