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Hoosier History Live

Apr 25, 2024

Surveys in recent years often have found more than 25 percent of Hoosier respondents did not know the name of the governor, according to a Ball State University professor quoted in a recent Indianapolis Star article.

Does that sound alarming?

Well, efforts are underway to increase civic understanding both by the general public and by students at Indiana schools. In a joint project, the Indiana Bar Foundation and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce are publishing an updated book, Here is Your Indiana Government, to enhance understanding; it can be downloaded for free by the general public at and is being made available to Indiana schools (and their libraries) ranging from elementary schools to high schools.

During our show, Nelson's guests will share about ways that people can get involved in public affairs; projects to enhance civic understanding, and Bar Foundation-supported programs such as We the People and Mock Trial. We also will share various intriguing "Indiana facts" featured in the updated civics book. They include some that are obscure or quirky such as:

  • In what Indiana city is it illegal to throw a snowball in city limits? Tune in for the answer.

  • Who is the only elected county official with the authority to arrest a sheriff? Hint: It's probably not the office holder you would have assumed.

  • And tomato juice was invented at what famous site in Indiana?